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Maji Safi

Over the years Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club has been pleased to help Linda Greenland's charity, Maji Safi with projects in Africa. Linda’s is an inspiring story of how we could all help those less fortunate. Local Bristol woman, Linda Greenland, has spent the last 20 years collecting cash for Timbwani near Mombasa and funded several projects including the construction of two schools for 900 kids. She first visited with her husband in 1997 when they decided to go there for a holiday - after nearly choosing Benidorm. During their stay she was sitting outside their hotel when she was hit by a falling palm branch and left unconscious. She woke up in hospital to find that local children had left scraps of paper wishing her well - and villagers came to visit her for the next three weeks. Linda recovered and was on the verge of going home when she contracted malaria - and spent three weeks fighting the disease. During that time, she formed such bonds with locals she decided to dedicate her life to helping the village escape poverty.

She came home and started the Maji Safi charity and, along with her husband Mike Radford, has since raised well over £1.2 million - building two schools and two nurseries. The charity has provided an education to 900 children that wouldn't have had one - and the village now has doctors, solicitors and teachers working there after being able to go to university.

The projects continue to grow, and the Maji Safi Nursery & Primary school now has 22 classrooms; offices & toilets with over 1300 children! In 2002 they started again and built Inspirations Nursery & Primary school with 27 classrooms; offices; toilets & borehole and almost 1200 children! They have dug numerous boreholes; toilets & have helped repair/build many village houses and support small income generating projects. In the last 2 1/2 years Maji Safi has supported 6 local ladies making over 6600 re-usable /washable Sanitary Towel kits a project made locally in Kenya which means that girls are not missing education days from school. The project also helps the ladies who are sewing to become self-sufficient! Each kit cost £7 and will last for 3 years.


Helping  Karki Gaun School in Dhading, Nepal. As you can see from the photos, the toilet building project is well underway and they hope to complete the building by the end of April. Sponsored by a £2000 contribution from our club and match funded by Rotarians Alan and Debbie Rogan. The school is doing well with new classrooms almost finished. It is fantastic to see another school back on its feet after losing almost everything in the earthquake.