Newsletter 103: Sept 26th 2018

Welcome to our Newsletter

This week we welcomed returning guests (and soon-to-be members) Martin Smith and Eli Fumoto. We also welcomed our speaker from Young Carers, Pamela Iyer.

Charter Dinner

Last Friday we celebrated our 29th Rotary Charter as we were founded in 1989. President, Roger Key and his wife, Gill organised a Black Tie dinner at Bristol Zoo.

We stared the evening with a walk around the Zoo followed by a talk from a keeper about the Red Panda.

We had welcoming drinks followed by dinner. There were Rotarians and guests including, Jim Packer and his wife, President of Gordano Breakfast Club and our District Governor, Joan Goldsmith and husband David also a Rotarian. It was great to see Rotarian David Gammon and his family at the dinner.


Paul Harris Awards

During the evening President Roger Key made presentations of Paul Harris Awards to four people. The first was to Rotarian Mary Cook who had worked behind the scenes on the new Club Website and had taken on research into rebranding our club.


The other awards were to non-Rotarians but special people who had also worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Jane Bowry wife of Past District Governor and past president of our club, Philip Bowry.


Pat Wells wife of Rotarian David Wells who for the past 5 years has mastermind the Dragon Boat Festival. Pam Gammon, wife of Rotarian David Gammon who initiated the Dragon Boat Festival and organised it for 12 years. All three recipients have supported their partners in their various Rotary activities, which have been well above and beyond anyone’s expectations. 


Rotary Certificate 

During the dinner, Rotarian Roger Harper was presented with a Rotary Certificate for introducing some 10 new members to Rotary over a 10-year period.


Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and the musical entertainment and to president Roger Key’s delight the rendering of "we will never walk alone". We had also heard from Rotarian raconteur Paul Spaven.

President Roger Key says he would like to reiterate his thanks to all who helped either arrange the evening, or on the night: Amelia and all the staff at Bristol Zoo; Sam the red panda keeper and Lady Hilary, whose appearance was timed to perfection; MC and all round organiser/fixer/mentor Philip Bowry; raconteur Paul “Stanley Holloway” Spaven; music managers, Joe and Sarah Key; photographer Steve Livings; the Singing Waiters from First Call Entertainment, Neil and Emma; friends Martin and Veronica Wallace, who got roped in on the marathon balloon inflating exercise on Friday; and last but especially, his wife Gill.    

It seems from your kind messages that everyone enjoyed themselves, which was the aim from the outset.  Roger says that Gill and he certainly did and will take to his grave the image of RCBB singing as one You’ll Never Walk Alone.

On the formal side, he would like to record his special thanks to those awarded Paul Harris Fellowships for all their work for RCBB: Mary Cook; Jane Bowry; Pam Gammon; and Pat Wells. The recipients will be pleased to know that Roger has received lots of messages of support for those awards.


David Mander gave several notices. Please contact David for more details.

  • 25th October at 10am: Dover Park in Herefordhire  
  • 20th November: Sue Chalmers, past member of the club, would like to meet up with members in the evening of Tuesday 20th Nov
  • 2019 (Feb/March): Real Tennis taster. Please contact David if you would like to have a go! 

Anthony Alderton:

  • Friday 9th November: Young Musician of the Year. Please buy tickets to this event. Anthony would also like volunteers to help out on the night
  • Armistice/Rotary pins. If you have ordered one of these badges please remember to pick these up from Anthony

Jayne Tucker:

  • Penny Brohn are holding a fund-rasing walk from the Centre, along the tow path to the PB offices in Ham Green. if anyone can help on that Saturday morning from 10am please let Jayne know.

Tony Hughes

  • A past Ambassadorial Scholar of the club, Megan Warner, originally from Australia, is visiting Bristol in October. If anyone would like to meet up with her please let Tony know.

Our Speaker - Pamela Iyer, Young Carers

Young Carers Service provides help and support to children aged 8-18, their families and professionals working with young carers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. 

Young carers are children and young people who look after someone in their family who has a disability, a long term illness, or is affected by mental ill health or substance misuse. Young carers may look after parents, care for a brother or sister, or another family member. The average age of a young carer is 12 and they take on responsibilities normally only expected of an adult.

Pamela gave an interesting and engaging talk on the work that the Young Carers Service give to these young people - many of which go un-noticed. Sadly approx 20% of young carers miss a lot of school due to caring for a relative. Young Carers Service help schools recognise and understand the burden of young carers. They give support and training to teaching staff and other professionals. For more information about how The Young Carers Service works with schools please click here.

Young Carers Service also organise events for young carers, many of whom feel isolated and lonely. They hold festivals, trips and activities such as visits to local attractions and parks. This gives the young people a chance to socialise with other young carers.

Please visit their website for more information

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Please support The Young Carers Service by coming along to the next Fun Day on December 1st. Contact John Whittaker if you can spare a few hours.

Join the club...

Membership is currently open if you would like to join our friendly pro-active group!
If you'd like to come along to a Wednesday morning meeting please email us at

Calling all female rotarians

As a new membership drive we would like to encourage more female membership to our club - and the wider Bristol membership in general.

Mary Cook will be sending out seperate emails to our female club members - but would welcome any ideas on how we could encourage more female membership.

At the moment we are just looking at raising awareness of Rotary. Getting feedback from family and friends of the "fairer sex" on their perception of Rotary, any possible bars to their joining - or things that would encourage them to join - would be very helpful. Please email with any comments. 

If you'd like to be part of the new initiative please email