Newsletter 108: November 22nd

• Rotary Foundation Month
• Young Musician
• Young Carers Fun Day
• Underfall Yard Visit
• Our Speaker   

Welcome to our newsletter

This newsletter covers our activities for the past two weeks.

At our meeting on 14 November 2018 we welcomed as a guest John Courtney of Boardroom Advisors and is Chair of Bristol and Gloucester Lord’s Taverners the UK’s leading youth cricket and disability sports charity dedicated to giving disadvantaged and disabled young people a sporting chance.

At our meeting on 21 November 2018 welcomed a guest, Aryana Monteiro who is a newcomer to Bristol but originally from Brazil. She has in the past has been a member of a Rotary Exchange Programme. We also welcomed our guest speaker, Andy Street. 

November is Rotary Foundation Month

November is the time to celebrate the wonderful work of The Rotary Foundation.  It's a good time to reflect on the Foundation-sponsored programs we support and on how each of us can contribute to make sure these programs continue.

Most of us know of the good work that the Foundation accomplishes. That is where the money came from for the matching grants that we have received to support some of our Club’s projects. Funds for Rotary’s campaign against polio come from the Foundation.  As an important fringe benefit, much of the funding to administer the Foundation comes from interest earned on donated funds held for three years before used for grants.  That has resulted in a very low expense ratio and earned top ratings among the nation’s foundations. The Rotary Foundation is supported solely by contributions from Rotary members and friends of the Foundation.

Those contributions, gifts and donations are transformed into service projects that change the lives of thousands of people across the world. Each year, The Rotary Foundation gives $70 million worth of grants to Rotary clubs throughout the world for humanitarian projects, vocational training and scholarships in Rotary’s cause areas. Ranging from small-scale, short term activities to large, international projects, Rotary grants strengthen global partnerships and provide sustainable and measurable benefits to communities. Grants from The Rotary Foundation support over 1,000 projects every year.

Young Musician

Antony Alderson updated the club regarding the heat of the Young Musician competition held at Henleaze on 9 November 2018.

There were some highly talented young people participating but the oboists won the top two places.

In first place was Alice Rivers of QEH, second was Lucy Keeley of Redmaids High and the runners up were Anna Faram a violinist from Gordano School, Marcus Laver a pianist from QEH, Theo Akande a violinist from QEH and Rebecca Taylor an oboist from Bristol Cathedral Choir School.

All of the performances were excellent, and I am sure the judges must have had a hard time making their decisions. The winners will go through to the finals to be held in February 2019.

Young Carer’s Fun day

Young Carers are holding their Fun Day at the Vassall Centre, Fishponds on Saturday 1 December 2018 from 11.00am, for families and carers.

Help from Rotarians on the day would be appreciated.

Please contact John Whittaker if you can help.

Underfall Yard visit

We have a planned visit to Underfall Yard, Bristol Harbourside at 10.30 am on Saturday 8th December 2018.

Please tell David Innes-Wilkin if you wish to attend.

Our Speaker

This week our speaker was Andy Street who has, in the past, spoken about Centre Crisis Ministries.

Andy has more than 25 years experience as an environmental consultant and is a founding Director of SLR. His particular areas of expertise include integrated waste management, waste management planning and policy, waste minimisation, waste facility development and design and waste services and infrastructure procurement. Today Andy told us about an exciting venture for our City, called ‘City Funds’.

City Fund’s vision is to help create a sustainable city, reducing inequality and poverty so everyone can thrive. It aims to create a positive and transformative change in Bristol through business, community organisations, funders and the public sector coming together, to share resources and raise finance, to help address key priorities in Bristol. Their mission is defined and by deploying new funding will make Bristol a more equal and sustainable place to live.

Bristol city funders want to help build the city that works for everyone. By reducing the barriers which create inequality and poverty, they want to create a sustainable city where people thrive and are proud to call home. Working together bringing local business, communities, funders, and the public sector around the same table so they can share resources, expertise and pool knowledge. Through the City Funds they can raise money locally and attract national finance, helping the city to address its key priorities. They want to see positive change that transforms the lives of individuals and communities. This should result in an environmentally sustainable city.

They want to see the value of every pound invested in the city amplified, through strategic, cooperative partnerships addressing the root causes of inequality and poverty. The vision is to see Bristol transformed and invite everyone to join them in making it happen.

The key priorities include that no child goes hungry. An interesting statistic for Bristol is that 25% of our children are below the poverty line and go hungry every day without the help of school meals and breakfast clubs.

Another key priority is to provide inclusive employment making opportunities, reducing barriers to enable all communities in Bristol to access employment, education and skill development.

Thirdly, community initiatives working alongside communities to help them play a vibrant role in Bristol from affordable community led housing to skilling-up communities so they can take on new assets to empower community anchor organisations and increase their resilience.

The program will be launched in the Spring of 2019. If you are interested email:



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Change of venue

Bristol Breakfast Christmas Party – the party will no longer be held at Newman Hall but will take place at St Mary’s Church, Stoke Bishop.

Please let Ray Shipway know if you are coming and bringing guests.

Club Christmas Breakfast will be held on Wednesday 19 December 2018. Please let Andy Cavanna know if you are attending or bringing guests and your preference for cooked or continental breakfast.