Newsletter 111: February 2019

• Bristol Waste
• Caroline Bowler
• February 13th meeting
• February 20th meeting
• February 27th meeting

Welcome to our February newsletter

This newsletter will cover the meetungs in February 2019. 


On Feb 6th we were treated to very interesting and informative talk from Ed Troughton of Bristol Waste

Bristol Waste Company is our local recycling, waste collection and street cleansing company. They are committed to working in partnership with the people of Bristol to help all communities recycle more, throw away less and waste nothing. They run both of the city's household waste recycling centres and a commercial waste service, offering local businesses tailored, cost effective recycling and waste solutions. 

  • They employ over 550 people who make 17 million scheduled collections every year, operate 180 vehicles, collect 160,000 tonnes of waste and recycling per annum – of which they send 75,000 tonnes for composting or recycling.

  • They clean 800 miles of streets and footpaths and deal with 180,000 ad hoc job requests and service queries annually.

  • They collected waste from over 190,000 homes in Bristol in 2017-18

  • They collected over 11 tonnes of food waste last year.

When Bristol Waste collect our recycling they are able to sell it on. They make, per tonne:

  • £1025 on aluminum
  • £120 on steal cans
  • Between £4-£12 on glass
  • Between £60-£67 on cardboard
  • Between £30 and £38 on paper

Ed told us that the Council use the money that they make from recycling to continue giving Bristol the service and to make sure our streets are clean - with the bulk of the costs going to landfill tax of our black bins. The cost to send waste to landfill (everything in our black bins) cost £30 per tonne - with a landfill tax of £91.35 per tonne. If the waste is burnt for energy it costs Bristol Waste £80-£100 per tonne.

It is estimated that HALF the things put in our black bins could be recycled. If every household in Bristol sorted their recycling from genuine waste it would mean Bristol Waste would make more money from recycling, spend less on landfill, and make Bristol (and the planet) a much nicer place.

To find out more about Bristol Waste - please visit

Welcome to our newest member - Caroline Bowler

We would like to welcome our new member Caroline - who was inducted into our club on February 6th.

Caroline Bowler is a personal Travel Counsellor, based in Bristol. She has lived and travelled all over the world and have been associated with the travel industry for over 20 years. Travel has always been a part of her life. As a child on the island of Hydra she remembers speaking Greek and playing with the local children. She went to university in New Orleans where she became a travel agent after working on a riverboat on the Mississippi and a cruise ship in the Caribbean. She lived in the United States for 15 years, including New York and New Orleans. For many years she was manager of Stanfords Maps and Travel Bookshop in Bristol.

Caroline was introduced to the club by David Wells.

With our latest new members joining - mostly being women - we are now closer to the district average of women members of 17%. Ideally we would like to get this to 50%

Updates from 13 February meeting 

Rotary Club of Bristol Breakfast – Business Meeting         

Special General Meeting:

Club Bylaws & Constitution – no changes

Club Officers for 2019/20 – Nigel Harradine named his team.

  • SVP & Com/Voc chair - John Whittaker
  • JVP & International Chair - Derrick Royall
  • Secretary - Willem Pietersen
  • Social - Mike Blott
  • Accounts: Independent Assessor – Martin Smith
  • Other positions as existing

All the above were approved unanimously.

Club & Charity Accounts Update

Both progressing and will be ready for signing in good time

Special thanks to Terry Willis for long service as Secretary and to Jayne Tucker for 5 years of Independent Assessor


Now up to 54 including 9 females (17%). On 1st July 2018 was 47 with 6 females (13%)

Well done and special thanks to Tony Hughes

Notices and help needed

District Conference – 15-17 March please support

President’s Weekend - Hope Cove 17 - 19th May

Roger Barnard – Visit to the Mouse Trap at The Hippodrome – Wed 26 June

David Wells – Dragon Boat Festival -  Please recruit teams

Tim Brook needs timekeeper for next round of District Quiz on Thursday 21st February, Beehive pub, Westbury-o-T.

Antony Alderson - Young Musicians Area Final rearranged for Friday 29th March

John Whittaker – Com/Voc

  • Bristol Waste visit – Friday 22nd February, Albert Road Transfer Station
  • Young Enterprise Event – Wednesday 1st May (Mary Cook judging)
  • Rotary Schools Technology Tournament – Tuesday 11th June

Willem Pietersen – Know Your Blood Pressure Cabot Circus – Saturday 13th April. We need volunteers to check blood pressures.

Andy Cavanna – Club – Members to advise what Club archives/equipment


Updates from 20th February meeting

A well-attended meeting saw a number of announcements about forthcoming events, the flowering of the recently planted 4000 crocus in Castle Park, an update on Rebekah Simms our peace scholar who has a new job working for the United nations in the Gambia and a welcome guest in Eva Peters, the current President of Twickenham Rotary club.

Eva attended Bristol University and lived in the city for 9 years and is on a return visit with her family. She is looking to start some breakfast meetings in her club and several members were able to address her queries and provide advice on aspects of that ambition, based on our 30 years experience.

In his talk, Geoff Mayell gave an excellent insight into the origins of the big five oil companies and the substantial and on-going changes in that industry. His good timekeeping enabled a number of questions, revealing members interest in this major and evolving part of our business and social landscape.

Updates from 27th February meeting

Today our speaker was Roger Opie MBE, High Sherriff of Bristol. Although out of date, see:

In an informative and amusing speech, Roger told us about the responsibilities of the High Sherriff, which includes hosting visiting judges and royalty, including on the snowy day at the start of the month, Prince Harry and Meghan. 

Judge and RCBB Roger Harper gave a vote of thanks, which included the suggestion that we form a new club, Bristol Breakfast Rogers Club!

Other interesting news

25 years ago today Philip Bowry launched the first of the Grace Books he authored. Since then, he has written the Amusing Graces Book and sales in the intervening 25 years have raised £ thousands for Rotary charities.  


Join the club...

Membership is currently open if you would like to join our friendly pro-active group!
If you'd like to come along to a Wednesday morning meeting please email us at

Maji Safi

Here are photos of the tables/benches we had made with your £1000 donation already being used in the new classroom we finished last year. There are also some pictures of the Sanitary kits being made and packaged. Once again would like to thank you for your kind and generous donation and your continued support with our projects

Many thanks again and kind wishes Linda & Mike and the Kenyan team


Golf Day 2019

Details are now online about the 2019 Golf Day. Please click here for details of dates, times and application forms.


Know Your Blood Pressure - 13th April.

Thanks to all of you who have replied to Willems email for volunteers.
The date is fast approaching and we still need a few more boots on the ground to help out with the admin and crowd control on the day.
Perhaps more importantly, we only have 1 volunteer who is qualified to measure blood pressures during the event.  Please could I ask you all to try and identify anyone else who could assist for a couple of hours on the day.
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. If you can help please email Willem at: