Newsletter 124 - February 2020

Caring in Bristol - Christmas 2019

Thank you Bristol Breakfast Club for helping Caring in Bristol (CiB) over the Christmas period. Your help has contribiuted towards helping many people in Bristol who have fallen on hard times. 

In Christmas 2019 CiB took over the Trinity Centre and the Julian Trust Night Shelter from the 23rd of December to the 1st of January, and provided shelter, food, warmth, company, wellbeing activities, and medical support for those experiencing homelessness at an acutely difficult time of the year. Responding to the needs of our community, they opened their day services for an extra two days this year and expanded the range of medical and wellbeing services offered. Even with the invaluable support of volunteers, the project costs £60,000 to deliver each year; CiB receive no statutory funding and are therefore reliant on the incredible generosity of the Bristol community. 

Louise McMilan - 'lessons that Stan taught me'

Our Guest Speaker on Wednesday 5th February was Louise McMilan who talked us through “The lesson that Stan taught me”. This was a personal journey of her challenges living with limiting self-belief and lack of self-confidence and the affect it had on her life.  It took her being diagnosed and beating Breast Cancer to change how she viewed herself and how she has refocused her life.

 Louise’s passion now is to help other people live life more fully by enabling them to start believing in themselves, sharing her tips and learnings she has adopted, and encouraging them to find the positive in the most unusual circumstance. If you want to know who Stan is then you’ll have to listen to her talk!

For more information about Louise as a Life Coach - or listen to her podcast -


 Challenge 35 The Brightwell Centre



To celebrate The West of England MS Therapy Centre reaching 35 years young they have set up Challenge 35.

To participate in Challenge 35, Mike Blott, is organising club social event, to run a competition based on the "Konigsberg Bridge" problem in mathematics. The question would have been whether it is possible to walk across all the bridges which span the Avon within the City boundary without crossing the same bridge twice.

By changing the question, we can take on Challenge 35 in a fun and social way, preferably with friends and/or family on Sunday 29 March 2020.
1.   a team event, with teams of no more than 5 adults but as many children as you may wish,
2.  you and your team could participate either as walkers or cyclists,
3.  a challenge not only to devise a route to score as many points as possible  within, say a 2 hour period but also to discover parts of Bristol which you may not know. You gain a point each time your team walks/cycles across a bridge which spans the Avon within the City boundary but two points are lost each time you cross a bridge more than once.
4.  a Sunday morning event starting from and finishing at one of the Harbour Side cafes/pubs,
5   an event where each adult participant would make a donation to the MS Therapy Centre  in support of Challenge 35.,
6.   an opportunity for fun and a time to enjoy each  other's company.
So Mike can decide how much preparation work is needed, cplease reply to him  by 28/02/2020 indicating if:-
          1. you would like to participate,
          2. and if so, can you make up a team from friends and or family, 
          3. you don't wish to participate.

Save the Date.

Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club Charter Night

Friday 25th September 2020 at the Pavilion, Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton - more details later. 

Annual Charity Golf Day


This year's Bristol Breakfast Charity Golf Day will be held on Thursday 21st May at the Bristol & Clifton Golf Club, Failand.  Funds raised will support the work of Youth Moves, who support disadvantaged young people in Hartcliffe and S Bristol.  Those of you who heard their inspirational presentation at breakfast recently will know that the charity’s work enables young people to take responsibility for their actions, make positive choices and do things for themselves, so that ultimately their lives are changed for the better.

As usual, there will be a promises auction during the dinner at the end of the day’s golf.  Please can you all consider whether you are able to donate an item or have contacts with organisations that might donate an item for our auction.  The auction contributues a large proportion of the funds raised by the event, but inevitably relies on having a good range of items to generate the bids.  Please help if you can.

We will shortly be sending out the invitation to enter teams, so please also condier entering a team or pass the invitation to any buiness contacts you may have that might wish to enter, or to provide sponsorship.

Finally, Mary will be looking for volunteers to help on the day, so please make a note of the date in your diaries.

Contact Mary Whittington


Crocus Planting at Temple Gardens.

Rotary clubs help to plant millions of purple crocuses every year to raise awareness for the Purple4Polio campaign and Rotary's efforts to end polio.

Last autum some of our members planted crocus bulbs at Temple Gardens just behind Victoria Street. Over the past few years this club alone has raised over £50k to help this cause. 

Rotarian and artist,Douglas Karson  has designed a sign which will be placed in the garden to share with the public the meaning behind the purple crocus.