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Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club Handover meeting

On Wednesday we held our handover meeting to welcome our new President, Tony Hughes who is taking over from Steve Livings for the next 12 months. President Steve handed over the presidency of the club to Tony who has been a member for some 28 years and has been involved in chairing various committees during that time. He has, in the past 12 months, steered the membership committee and has been very involved in meetings to set up Rotary in Bristol. Roger Key (far left) has stepped up to Senior Vice President and Nigel Harradine (far right) to Junior Vice President.


 Tony thanked Steve for what he had achieved during his year especially the Envision project, the newsletter and the President’s weekend - and getting everyone to eat seven puddings! Tony presented Steve with a Paul Harris Award with sapphire.

Tony’s vision for our club is to be a vibrant and flourishing Breakfast Rotary club in central Bristol enabling its members to have fun and to use their skills and influence in building friendships, serving communities and inspiring others.

We welcomed Tony into office with a humorous Life Story, a ‘Big Quiz of Tony Hughes’ and a musical production by "The Hughes Corporation and the Roterettes" and their rendition of "Rock the Boat" (changed to "Rock the Club") - one of the memorable lines being... "we've been sailing with a cargo full of Rotarians with devotion". Our thanks go to Roger Key, Mary Cook, Wendy Hughes, Paul Spaven and the Rotarettes for the entertainment.

We wish Tony and his team our best wishes for another great Rotary year.

We welcomed three special guests at our breakfast meeting last Wednesday: our new First Lady, Wendy Hughes (pictured above); President elect of our mother club, Jim Currie, of Bristol Rotary Club; and former member and friend of our club, Carol Wainwright



Carer’s Support Centre Short Film

Our friends at Carer’s Support Group have worked with local carers to make a short film where carers talk frankly about what it feels like to be a carer and how they’ve reached out for help. 

You can watch the film

Tracey Harvey from Withywood cares for her daughter who has Borderline Personality Disorder and her son who has Cerebral Palsy. In the film she has a message for other carers:

“It’s massively important that you find some support. We’re stronger together. It’s just nice to know somebody else feels the same way as you: the highs, the lows, the guilt, the shame, the terror, the panic – you’re not alone in it.”

The film will also be available to watch on their Facebook page -

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Upcoming Meetings and Events

4 July 2017 – Council Meeting at the Royal Commonwealth Society, Whiteladies Road

5 July 2017 – Andy Street – How Social Investing is changing the face of Bristol.

9 July 2017 -   Raft Racing at Portishead (Contact Roger Harper)

12 July 2017 – Mavis Loterh – Malawi project.

19 July 2017 - Brigadier Bruce Jackman will talk about the Ghurkas – his family are third generation members of the regiment. PLEASE NOTE this speaker will talk for 45 minutes so the meeting will be finishing later. This is an interesting talk so encourage friends and colleagues to come along.

26 July 2017 – Ed Reed – Caring in Bristol talking about their new project.


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