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We had a very special breakfast meeting this week - celebrating the great achievements in the Dragon Boat Festival held in June.

The 2017 Dragon Boat Presentation Breakfast

This year we held this very special breakfast meeting at Bordeaux Quay Restaurant situated on the dockside.

We are now in our 16th year of holding this event and thanks go to Rtn David Gammon who started our DBF in 2002. He organised the event for 12 years and made it our main annual fundraising event. David Wells has taken the reins and has continued the great success. The day itself was an amazing summers day and the only real risk was sunstroke or dehydration. Everyone seemed to have a very good time and we have again raised a wonderful amount of money for charities.
This year the headline charity was Southmead Hospital Prostate Cancer Care Appeal and we were delighted to have three representatives from the Southmead Hospital, Anthony Koupparis, Consultant Urologist, Simon Wood, Director of Facilities and Adrian Brown, Community Appeals Manager to collect a cheque for £24,300.

There were 30 Teams participating this year and the total raised will be about £46,000. This brings the total since 2002 to £658,000. All the money goes to charity.

Some of the other charities to benefit this year are the Avon Wildlife Trust, Bristol Samaritans, Young Adult Carers, Teenage Cancer Trust and Rotary’s own charity the Rotary Foundation and the End Polio Now campaign.

We gave £2000 to our District Governor Rotarian Alan Hudson for Rotary Foundation and £1000 to ADG Rotarian Mary Whittington for the Rotary End Polio Campaign.

All this support for worthwhile causes would not of course happen without all the teams who participated and did the fundraising. We were delighted to have many of the team’s representatives present to celebrate their success. As usual the racing was extremely competitive and the final times were the fastest that have been recorded.

  • The Avon Fire & Rescue Service Team were the winners.
  • Crux Product Design were second (for the second year running)
  • Barton Solicitors with Richard Harding Estate Agents were third.

Teams were also very competitive with their fancy dress, which helps make the day a real spectacle. We had Bristol Wildlife, Princesses of the World, Egyptian Pharoahs, Medics, US Cavalry, Bananas, Muskateers, Pirates, Smugglers and many others.The Fancy Dress Prize was won by the TutanCARmun Egyptian Pharoahs (entered appropriately by the UWE Centre of Appearance Research) with the SSMG, US Cavalry, as runners up.

Prizes on the day were presented by BBC Reporter & Presenter, Will Glennon, who is also a Southmead Hospital Ambassador.

Thanks to Natalie Wells for capturing on camera the day’s activities.

We thank everyone involved in the fundraising and would like to present prizes to those who raised the most money.

Everyone who raised over £250 received a bottle of champagne and this year there were 13 – which is marvellous. However, the prize for the individual who raised the most money goes to Andrew Tromans for the fourth year running. This year Andrew personally raised a record £3,500 which is amazing. It is not surprising that Andrew’s team, 'Submarine Support Management Group Team’ raised the most money a superb £6,421.

Many thanks to everyone who made this year’s event such a success. Next year we will be raising money for ‘Caring in Bristol’ and Tackling Homelessness in Bristol.

The Dragon Boat Festival in 2018 will be on the 10th June and we hope that you will be participating again.

Interact – St Brendan’s Sixth Form College and Young Enterprise

One of our aims this next year is to run Young Enterprise for 30 students who are on the Business Studies Course. They will form, two teams on the YE company programme. To that end each team needs a business advisor to work with them throughout the year. St Brendan’s have agreed to make this part of the curriculum so a lesson will be set aside each week to ensure all the students attend and that a teacher will take responsibility.

We need two volunteer Business Advisors to help the teams. This is a commitment especially in the first term of attending the weekly sessions.

We are looking for Business Advisers who will be supporting students as they embark on Company Programme, will create the right business environment, facilitate the development of the team, be a good role model and communicate effectively and impart their useful knowledge and expertise.

If you can help please make contact with - we need to know urgently as we want the programme to get off to a start in the next couple of weeks.

If you want more information I believe Diana Thal-Jantzen and Derrick Royall have been Business Advisors in the past or check out this link -

An update from Linda Greenland of Maji Safi who is on her way to Kenya

Our teacher Mr Tumaini was invited (& funded) by the Geographical Association to a conference in April and also spent 6 weeks with us visiting schools and donors and helping us spread the word! 

We had a very successful visit from 40 students and teachers from Ashton Park school Bristol who built a wall around Inspirations School and did lots of sport/crafts/classroom activities with the students - they are planning to come next year to build more classrooms 

Our website will be updated shortly but I just haven't had time to sort out all the information and photos needed as I've been busy "on the ground" BUT please join "MAJI SAFI FRIENDS" on FACEBOOK and share with your friends 

We have been supplying desks & benches; mosquito nets; books; installing water tanks & electric - finishing rendering classrooms and floors etc etc 

There are over 60 students going on to further education including secondary schools; colleges & university - this has only been achievable with your continued help and support in sponsoring these students. 8 teachers are funded in our 2 pre-primary/nursery schools thanks to you our sponsors & recently we "adopted" another very needy school & have been helping towards teachers wages there.

  • Our new reusable/washable sanitary pack project "FREEDOM4GIRLS" has been amazingly successful! In just a year 3000 girls will have received kits enabling them to attend school every day and not miss 4/5 days due to their monthly period.
  • We have given health education to around 6000 boys and girls.  
  • Two sewing workshops have been built and 6 ladies employed to sew the kits! We are continuing to raise funds for this and each kit costs just £6, which means a girl, can enjoy 3 years interrupted education!

We are so thankful to everyone who sponsors and donates to our projects and appreciate you spreading the word with family/friends & work colleagues to enable our work to continue 

We have started collecting reusable bags (Kenya has announced a plastic carrier ban) - ladies and students have no way to carry their small shopping or few books to school - Amazon sell 10 nylon tote bags for around £6 and many of you have  ordered and sent to me and they are packed in these cases going with us today !  

Also our appeal for mega bloks- duplo-lego- toys cars etc has been great and lots collected but still looking for more as well as old laptops & mobile phones and having 40 students carrying a 23kg bag for us means we can carry lots of things !! 

Bedding/quilt covers and lightweight curtains can all be used for sewing projects in Kenya

Yes all these items are great but we still need more funds and anyone that has any ideas or contacts or if you wish to do a fund raiser then please feel free to contact me 

We are now in our 19th year! Just look how far we have got with your help 

Once again many thanks for your help and interest and continued support 
Love and hugs to you all, Linda & Mike xxx



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Moscow State Circus

One of the world’s most glorious and illustrious circuses will be paying a visit to Durdham Downs, Bristol. The Moscow State Circus opens with its new production Gostinitsa combining the best of the Circus art forms, adding the glitz and glamour of the art deco period and the sparkle of 1930s Hollywood to create a real landmark production for The Moscow State Circus.

See more info at

Tony Hughes has secured an opportunity to raise money through bucket collections at the Circus between 4th and 15th October 2017.  We aim to get other clubs involved raising money for homelessness and other Rotary Charities.

For Bristol Breakfast Club members we will collect on the performances on 4th October 2017. Willing helpers on that day please let Tony Hughes know as soon as possible. It would be great if we have a couple of teams who could collect on at least one other day during that run. If anyone would like to put together a team on another night please contact Tony Hughes.