Newsletter 62

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This week we welcomed Fraser Cardow (of The Pituitary Foundation) and Tom Beale. Our speaker was Mukti Mitchell of Cosy Home Company & Eco Yacht Sailing Around the UK

Club Business

Please see below two potential charitable donations. Both are recommended by the International and Foundation committee. We will make a decision on this next week.

  • Having been in contact with Bharabhurri School in Nepal, it seems that the Tiffin Fund requires £750 this year. We have previously approved £500 and I will be seeking approval of an additional sum of £250.
  • In view of the many recent disasters and our ongoing relationship with the Water Survival Box project run by Chelwood Bridge Rotary, we would like to give an immediate sum of £1,500 to that project to help them to replace the boxes they have sent out to recent disasters, so that they can purchase stock available for immediate use. We have a total of £2,500 on the budget this year. This will leave £1,000 for use elsewhere during the year, as required.

St Brendan’s Interact Club

  • Steve Livings needs two volunteer Business Advisors to help the teams in their weekly sessions this term.

Moscow State Circus

  • 4th to 15th October Bucket Collections at Moscow State Circus. Please sign up for 4th October and indicate availability for 12th, 13th and 15th

The Funding Network

  • The Funding Network Thursday 12 October 2017, 6.30pm. This is a Dragon’s Den style event with five local social projects pitching for funds. They include Babbasa, The Cheese Project, Refugee Welcome Homes, Somali Kitchen and Tales by the oven. Great networking. If you are interested book your tickets at TLT Solicitors through their website Click here

Bristol Rotary Club Centenary Ball

  • 4th November. Last call for tickets!!!!!! Monies please to the Treasurer.

Rotary Young Musician of the Year competition

  • The Rotary Young Musician of the Year competition heat (which we are hosting) is at Henleaze United Reform Church on 17 November. Antony Alderson will be looking for volunteers to help and has fifty tickets to sell. It is always an enjoyable evening.

Dates for your diary

  • 7 October – SWIFT Inclusive Sport Swimming Gala – Please click here for details. All welcome 
  • 23 November – Firm date for the diary – the performance of Romeo and Juliet by Elmfield School for the Deaf as part of the Shakespeare in Schools Festival. 
  • 2 December Christmas party at St Mary’s Church
  • 9 December – Visit to Aviation Museum. We have arranged to visit both hangers and this will last a couple of hours. It may be possible to arrange lunch at the on-site café. Cost will be £15 with the inclusion of a guide. Please e-mail Peter Hilton on if you wish to put your name down for the visit. Please click here for more details of the visit

 Rotary “People of Action”.

In preparation for a visit by the District 1100 PR representative on 11th October, we are looking to create some short “pen-portraits” of club members as Rotary “People of Action”. Therefore I am asking club members to let me have a short response to the following questions

  • What made you join Rotary?
  • What three things have you enjoyed most?
  • What have been the most rewarding service projects, most stimulating fundraising events, most interesting social events, in which you have been involved, and why?
  • What have been the most exciting challenges and how have you overcome these?
  • What do you most like to do in Rotary?
  • What has been your favourite Rotary experience?
  • Can you provide copies of your favourite Rotary photos?

Please click here to send us an email with your stories, or click here to download a questionnaire to fill in by hand.

Our speaker this week...

Mukti Mitchell is a carpenter, sailor, author and director of CosyHome Company, which provides insulation solutions for period properties in the South West of England. He designed the Explorer zero-emission microyacht and sailed around Britain in 2007 to promote low carbon lifestyles.

Mukti spoke about his own journey to reduce his carbon footprint within a life goal of preventing global warming. At the moment the humans on the planet are producing 3 times as much carbon as the plants on the planet can absorb. Accumulated CO2 in the atmosphere is causing the planet to heat. The average person in the West produces 15 tonnes of CO2 per year. This spreads equally over five key areas

  • Heating, lighting;
  • Transport – can we avoid travelling by air?
  • Food production and consumption;
  • Manufacturing of products we use – can we find products which last longer;
  • Holidays

He has set himself a target of reducing his output to 2 tonnes per year. Since having done so, he has found is days have become more enjoyable and his quality of life has improved!

Mukti then went on to describe how he came to build a zero-emission eco-yacht in wood covered with epoxy resin, with a retractable keel, which provided stability win rough conditions but little resistance when fully retracted, so that the boat could be rowed in light winds as it had no motor. He took about six months to sail around Britain giving talks to promote a low carbon lifestyle as he went.

Finally, he briefly outlined his main business, Cosyhome Limited, which specialises in providing heat efficiency advice and specialist insulation to period homes.

Also see the Personal Carbon Calculator devised by Mukti at

Join the club...

Membership is currently open if you would like to join our friendly pro-active group!
If you'd like to come along to a Wednesday morning meeting please email us at

All our best wishes, and many happy returns, go to fellow club members for their birthdays in October

  • Alan Rogan (4th)
  • Antony Alderson (6th)
  • Terry Willis (21st)


Sarah-Jane and Claire from Happy Balance have been in touch to say thank you for allowing them to be the Speakers recently and that they have found two children’s bicycles for the Cycle project to Africa.

Up coming meetings

4th October – Ben Silvey

11th October – Jan Long District PR person

18th October – Sue Turner of Quartet