Newsletter 67

Welcome to our weekly newsletter

This morning our speaker was fellow member Philip Bowry – First World War Thoughts. 

To mark Remembrance Day, instead of grace we observed one minute’s silence followed by a reflective introduction by Philip Bowry.


  • 17 November - Rotary Young Musician of the Year competition Heat which we are hosting at Henleaze United Reform Church. Volunteers are needed to help and there are s some tickets to sell. It is always an enjoyable evening

  • 23 November – The performance of Romeo and Juliet by Elmfield School for the Deaf as part of the Shakespeare in Schools Festival.

  • 29 November – I can declare that in the depths of Fishponds - District Quiz team members Tim Brook, Paul Smith and Mary Whittington, together with Mike Blott would like some support. Please let Tim know if you would like some food.

  • 27 November – Paul Tucker is arranging a trip to the cinema to see “Breathe” the new fil about someone with Poilio. Contact Paul as soon as possible if interested.

  • 2 December – Christmas party with good food and a variety of exciting Christmas festivities at St Mary’s Church, Stoke Bishop.

  • 4th and 5th December - Ed Reed has organised a collection at Waitrose Henleaze on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th December 2017. If you are able to help on either of these days please contact Tony Hughes.

  • 9th December – Visit to Aviation Museum – Peter Hilton 

  • 14th December – Blotty’s Christmas Brunch – Mike Blott

  • 20th December – Our Christmas breakfast (see right for more details) 
  • 17th February – Birdwatching Trip on the River Exe

  • 7th April – Roger Key Know Your Blood Pressure – contacts required

  • 23th to 25th March – Three couples going to District Conference in Bournemouth

  • 4th to 6th May – President’s weekend on the Gower peninsula

  • 11th to 13th May – Possible visit to Prague for their Dragon Boat Festival on 12th May 

Bristol Rotary Club Centenary celebrations

We wish our mother club, Bristol Rotary Club, belated best wishes for their 100th birthday. They have, over those years, provided for deserving people and causes. Many congratulations!!

The Bristol Rotary Centenary Ball was held at Ashton Gate, with a near capacity of almost 500 guests. A fabulous time was had by all at this black tie event. Guests at the tables were treated to a lovely three course meal, entertaining and informative speaches and a live band to finish off the night on the dance floor. Alan Rogan and Mike Blott won prizes at the Golden Ticket raffle, which raised £5,770 on the night.


  • David Mander gave an update on the health of Andy Cavanna.
  • Thank you from Lydia McGivern of Above and Beyond for the gift of £100.
  • Tim Brook has sent round an email with a copy of the Standing Order form to give your annual donations to Foundation. If anyone would like a copy, there are some in the case.
  • Thank you to Tim Brook for representing the Club at the Canford Park Fireworks.

Council Update

The Club is proposing to introduce Bye-Laws and Standing Orders to reflect the way that the club operates. The club will adopt these at the EGM on 6th December. Copies will be circulated shortly.

Through our contact Pam Rafferty, we have become aware that Help Rural Nepal, a charity we have helped previously is currently raising funds for a new toilet block and hand washing facilities for Khaki Gaun School in the Aakhu khola valley in the Dhading region of Nepal, close to the epicentre of the 2015 earthquakes. Most of this very remote school was badly destroyed in the earthquake and some classrooms have been rebuilt.Approx 450 children attend this school and are having to use 2 broken toilets with no drainage.  Overall cost £7k; PROPOSAL is to fund up to £2k which will be matched by Alan Rogan. This is recommended by the committee and by Council.

This is a new project not in the budget, but we are able to use monies which had been earmarked for a couple of other potential projects (TRUGS in Cape Town and a water project in Zimbabwe).

The club approved this expenditure with no votes against and no abstentions.

Our speaker this week - Philip Bowry 

Philip Bowry gave a brilliant “performance” entitled “First World War Thoughts”.

Speaking without notes, he delivered a flawless mixture of verse and prose, with gripping stories interspersed with the appalling statistics of death and destruction, reminding us of the tens of thousands of warriors who went missing and of all the bodies which could not be identified.

Some of his material had been drawn from extracts from the diaries of someone who had been secretary of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce when the war started, had joined the North Somerset Yeomanry and survived the conflict. Philip revealed that this had been Jane’s grandfather. His diary is now held at the Imperial War Museum in London. Having learned to ride before the War, he had been tasked with looking after the horses. Philip described the huge contribution that these horses made to the war effort, the logistics of keeping them fed and watered and the appalling sacrifice that they were required to make in the great war effort.

Philip’s researches for this talk had included a visit to the Menin Gate in Ypres where he found the grave of A. E. J. Collins, the Clifton College schoolboy most famous for achieving what was, for 116 years, the highest-ever recorded score in cricket: as a 13-year-old schoolboy, he scored 628 not out over four afternoons in June 1899.

Having reminded us of the horrors of the Great War, Philip masterfully lightened the mood with some jokes and amusing stories and left his audience in good humour but so much the wiser for having experienced the morning’s entertainment.

Romeo and Juliet by Elmfield School for the Deaf

The previews for the show that we are sponsoring are getting rave reviews, and press coverage. A comment from Darren Jones, MP "I saw a preview of the fantastic Romeo and Juliet production at Elmfield School for Deaf Children in Horfield. The kids were great, and for many young deaf people the power of being of stage and being listened to by an audience is clearly empowering. Bravo to them and their teachers."



Join the club...

Membership is currently open if you would like to join our friendly pro-active group!
If you'd like to come along to a Wednesday morning meeting please email us at

Our Christmas breakfast will be on the morning of Wednesday 20th December. If you fancy one of the highly prized performance slots at this event, please contact Tony Hughes or Philip Bowry.

We would like to send Best Wishes to the following members celebrating their birthday this month

Nov 16th - Peter Watts

Nov 25th - Derrick Royall

Caring at Christmas

Ed Reed has organised a collection at Waitrose Henleaze on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th December 2017. If you are able to help on either of these days please contact Tony Hughes.

Reading glasses

Do you have any reading glasses you no longer use? Mavis Loterh would like them for her project in Malawi. Please bring to breakfast and hand to Derrick Royall or Jayne Tucker so they can be delivered in January.

Speakers for the coming week's

15th November - Lindsay Heniger-Heaton – Concorde Museum
22nd November - Janet Kirk and Ann Bannister Ghana Charity Friends of Wechiau
29th November – Talk from the James Tudor Foundation (formerly Bristol Contributory Welfare Association)
6th December – EGM to approve Bye laws and elect new club officers – Also an update from Ed Reed – Caring at Christmas