Newsletter 70


Welcome to our weekly newsletter

This week we are combining two weeks into one newsletter.

On 29th November our speaker was Sarah Stewart from the James Tudor Foundation. Our guest was Cedric Nash.
On 6th December our guest spekers were Ed Reed and Ben Richardson of Caring at Christmas. Our guest was Aamir Hussain.

Business: Special General Meeting

The club elected new club officers for 2018/19 as follows

President: Roger Key
Senior VP: Nigel Harradine
Junior VP: John Whittaker
Treasurer: Tim Brook
Secretary: Terry Willis
Foundation: Colin Shurrock

The Club approved and adopted the By-laws and “Standing Orders”, which have been circulated so as to replace the default By-Laws which have applied up to this point. These sit alongside the Rotary club constitution available (if you log in to the website) at

Note that the Club’s own Accounts and the Club’s charity Accounts have been finalised and will be circulated shortly, for approval probably in January.


23 November –Thank you to all those whose supported the performance of Romeo and Juliet by Elmfield School for the Deaf as part of the Shakespeare in Schools Festival.

27 November – Thank you to Paul Tucker for arranging the trip to the cinema to see “Breathe” the new film about Polio-sufferer Robin Cavendish.

14 December – Blotty’s Christmas Brunch 10.30 – Mike Blott

20 December – Christmas Breakfast.  

17 February – Birdwatching Trip on the River Exe

7 April - Roger Key Know Your Blood Pressure. We are looking for health practitioners who are qualified to take blood pressure – please think carefully as to whether any of your friends or family could do this.

4th to 6th - May President’s weekend on the Gower peninsula

Introduction to our Speakers

Sarah Stewart from the James Tudor Foundation

Sarah Stewart has worked at The James Tudor Foundation (formerly Bristol Contributory Welfare Association) for over 10 years. She became Foundation Director in December 2015. She has been engaged in community work since the early 1980’s, fundraising; providing reading support for 5 – 8 year olds; arranging and taking part in charity challenges; designing murals for schools; refurbishing a school hall and gardens and working as a member of Lions Club in Windsor to raise funds for local organisations.

The James Tudor Foundation is a grant giving charitable company with the principal object of the relief of sickness. They generally support small to medium sized charitable organisations, primarily within the UK, rather than large national organisations which enjoy widespread support. 

They have £30million under management to provide income to fund projects involving
  • Palliative care
  • Medical research
  • Health education
  • the direct relief of sickness
  • overseas projects,  e.g. boreholes in Uganda, maternity in Nepal, Deaf children in Romania, Wheelchair workshop in Sudan, Innoculation in Africa.

To find out more about Jame Tudor Foundation please follow this link If you know of a charity or cause that could benefit from a James Tudor grant all the information is available on the website.

Ed Reed from Caring At Christmas

Ed gave a thought provoking and interesting talk about Bristol's rising homeless problem and gave details of the support that Caring At Christmas gives at this time of year.

The rise in official homeless reported to the government by Bristol City Council has risen from 8 in 2010 to 74 in 2016. Although the headline figures for rough sleeping give a number less than 100 (still far too many), the number of people defined as homeless (i.e rough sleeping; those with no legal right to occupy (sofa-surfing, squatting, temporary accommodation); and those with insufficient living space (overcrowding)) for every one person sleeping rough it is estimated that there are about 60 who are “homeless”.

Focusing just on 236 homelessness applications accepted by Bristol City Council between April and June 2017, the top three reasons given for ‘loss of last settled home’ were..:

  • Parents no longer able/willing to accommodate: 31 [13%]
  • Friends or other relatives no longer able/willing to accommodate: 36 [15%]
  • Termination of an assured shorthold tenancy: 101 [42%]

Crisis conducted a national survey of 458 people currently or previously sleeping rough, published in December 2016.

  • Almost 1 in 4 (23%) had belongings stolen or vandalised while sleeping rough
  • More than 1 in 3 (35%) had been kicked, punched or otherwise assaulted whilst homeless
  • Almost 1 in 10 (9%) had been urinated on while sleeping rough


How Caring At Bristol help

Caring At Bristol are open from 3pm on Christmas Eve to 10am on New Years day

  • 60 beds
  • Up to 250 meals served per service (Breakfast Lunch and Dinner)
  • Takeaway food and daily buffet
  • 1 of 4 shelters
  • Services and entertainments every day


How can we support Caring at Christmas

Learn. Volunteer. Donate.

Please give:

  • Wipe Clean Mattresses
  • Squash, Fruit Juice
  • Sandwich fillers
  • Condiments
  • Underwear

Also, it is still not too late to volunteer to help over the period between 3pm on Christmas Eve and 10 a.m. on New Year’s Day, or, of course to provide donations.

On a longer term basis, if we can familiarise ourselves with some of the solutions already being offered, we may find other ways in which we can provide specific help, support influence or finance.

Note that if you come across someone sleeping rough and you think it possible that they have “slipped through the net” you can notify the relevant agencies to provide appropriate support through the App “Streetlink”.

For more information about Caring At Christnmas and Caring in Bristol please visit their website at


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Rotary Young Musician Award

Here is a recent article from the Thornbury Gazette celebrating a pupil from Castle School, Timothy Mitchell, who was presented with an award certificate by our president. Click here for a larger image of the article.



Website Rotary Stories

A big thank you to all who have sent in their "Rotary Stories" for our website. Mary C is hoping to get as many of these stories onto the website over the Christmas break so if you would like to be featured please send details to Mary at:


13th December – Nepal-themed breakfast with talks from Colin Shurrock and Linda Cruse

20th December – Christmas breakfast

3rd January – Simon Chapman, All Aboard

10th January – Membership Meeting

17th January – Liz Odell, Shelter Box

24th January - Lhosa Dhaly, Spike Island